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Men's Club Leagues

Fall 2012 Leagues
Points System
Advancement to the Spring Playoffs for Regional Division I
Advancement to the Spring Playoffs for Division II
B-Side - League and Playing Requirements
Day and Time of League Matches
Field Cancellation Policy
Maximum match point differential
Promotion and Relegation Between Division I and Division II
Promotion and Relegation Between Division II and Division III
Division III Championship
CIPP Compliance and Roster/Substitution Management
Check-in Guidelines for MARFU D2 and D3 Playoffs
RSL Teams Playing in Lower MARFU Divisions

The following are the leagues for Fall 2012:

Division I
Maryland Exiles
Norfolk Blues
Pittsburgh Harlequins
Raleigh Vipers
Schuylkill River
       Division II North
Jersey Shore
Lancaster Roses

       Division II South
Richmond Lions
Rocky Gorge
Severn River
Washington Irish

Points System

During the League season, teams will be ranked within their Divisions as follows, based on the original method used in the Super 12 competition:

Win = 4 points
Draw = 2 points (a game tied at the end of regulation time will remain tied)
Loss = 1 point for loss within 7 points or less of the team that wins
Loss = 0 points for loss of more than 7 points
1 point for scoring 4 tries or more in a match

In the event of a forfeit, the score will be considered 60-0 (MARFU standard) and, in terms of points, 4 for the win and 1 pt for 4 trys or more (total of 5 points for a forfeit win) and 8 trys scored.

In the event of a tie on Super 12 points, the tie-breaker will be point differential.

Note: the LAU-based championships in the VRU and PRU will also be based on the above, unless those two LAUs determine their own systems.

Advancement to the Spring Playoffs for Regional Division I

The dates for the Spring USA Competition Region 4 (CR4 - MARFU/NRU) playoffs will be listed on the playoff page.

Determining the seeding of CR4 quarterfinalists from MARFU and venues:

1. Position in the competition table shall be determined by the points system as set out above.

2. Within the Championship Division, a separate table will be set for matches between the Division I-only clubs. The separate standings table will determine Division I seedings for CR4 playoff standings. ONLY matches that are against Division I clubs will count for CR4 playoff seedings/standings. Seedings will be based on the Super 12 point system.

In the MARFU/NRU Division I playoffs, MARFU Team #1 will host NRU Team #4 and MARFU Team #2 will host NRU Team #3. NRU Team #1 will host MARFU Team #4 and NRU Team #2 will host MARFU Team #3. Under the current system (starting in Spring 2009), the winners will advance to the USAR Round of 16.

Advancement to the Spring Playoffs for Division II

The dates for the playoffs will be listed on the playoff page.

The following describes playoff advancement:

1. The top 4 teams from Div II North will advance.

2. The top 4 teams from Div II South will advance.

3. Seedings and matches are listed on the playoff page.

     [Note: There is NO reseeding after the quarterfinal round.]

Determining Div II final venue (MARFU Div II Final Four): This will be handled via the event bids received by November 30. The MARFU Board of Directors will announce the winning venue.

Grounds: The fields for the above matches must be suitable (e.g., meets MARFU playoff requirements); otherwise, the opponent will host the match, also provided their ground is suitable; failing that, the MARFU Competitions Committee will name the venue.

Referees: MARR will assign the referees for the Final Four event; the Quarterfinal round are local referee assignments.

B-Side League and B-Side Play Requirements

Beginning with Fall 2003, a B-side league was started and played within all three leagues (Championship Division, II-N, and II-S).

Standings will be kept for the B-Sides with won-loss-tie records, as well as point differentials. The winner will be determined based on best record; wins will count as 2 points, a tie will count as 1 point, and a loss as 0 points. A tie in the standings will be broken via point differential (point differentials will not exceed 30 points). The leagues will just be played within the separate leagues at this time (not inter-league).

Each team must understand that the B-matches will be played in the spirit of the intention; the purpose is to promote B-side players and to give them something to play for. While it is ok for clubs to have a mixed A/B side, it is not ok to flagrantly stack up a side with A-side players (or All Stars).

For each, A-side match, a B-side match will be played. Failure to play the B match under these rules will incur penalties (see Forfeitures).

The B match will have at least 30-minute halves.

The referee may cut the game short if requested by the team who is down at least 30 points with 10 minutes to play in the match.

It is up to each team to field a side of not less than 13 players at kickoff.

Each team shall be required to maintain a fielded team of at least 13 players except for those sin-binned or sent off by the referee. Each team can, after kickoff, bring on additional players to field a full side of 15 players less the number of players sin-binned or sent off.

If necessary, each team will field players from the A side match to bring the fielded B side team up to the minimum requirements at any time from kickoff through full time.

Opposing teams may mutually agree to different terms for the B match.


See http://www.marfu.org/mleague/marfumcompetition.pdf

Day and Time of League Matches.

MARFU league matches must kick off between 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, unless a mutually agreeable change is made prior to the beginning of the season and reported to the appropriate referees association and to the MARFU Competitions Committee.

MARFU Men's Divisional Field Cancellation Policy.

1. Home Clubs are required to contact their Away opponents prior to their scheduled league matches in the event that there is a problem with the weekend's scheduled site.

2. If the original Home field was cancelled (for any reason), the Home team shall make any/all effort to secure a suitable field no further than 30 miles in additional travel distance from the original venue for the Away team.

3. If the Home team cannot secure a field as stated above, the teams will negotiate for a make-up date during the Fall Season within the vicinity of the original Home team. If a decision cannot be reached by the two teams, the match will be rescheduled on the earliest available Make-up Date (as prescribed by the seasonal schedule).

4. If the match cannot be scheduled, the MARFU Men's 15s Club Committee will adjudicate the resulting complaint.

Maximum match point differential.

A team will receive no more than 60 (+/-) differential points for a match win in the MARFU divisional standings. The 60-point differential will be determined from the losing team's final score.

Examples: a 72-0 match would count as a 60-0 match (60 pt max differential); an 80-50 game would count as an 80-50 game (only 30 point difference); a 90-25 win would count as an 85-25 win (60 point max).

This does not mean that matches will be halted after a 60 pt differential has been reached; play may continue at the discretion of the referee due to safety issues. This rule only applies to the administrative league standings and not to the actual match.

Promotion and Relegation Between Division I and Division II after Fall 2012 for Fall 2013.

In Fall 2013, USA Rugby is transitioning club play to a new competitive region system. As a result, the bottom two Division I teams in the Fall 2012 league will be relegated to Division II. In succeeding years, promotion/relegation between Division I and Division II will resume via a promotion/relegation match.

Promotion and Relegation Between Division II and Division III.

See http://www.marfu.org/mleague/marfumcompetition.pdf

Division III Championship.

The LAUs are responsible for the determination of their Division III champion and each club's eligibility.

The MARFU Division III playoffs will have a Quarterfinal Round on one weekend and a "Final Four" on the following weekend.

The top two Division III teams from the VRU, EPRU and PRU will be entered into the eight-team event. No LAU will get more than three teams into the MARFU playoffs; the assignment of the two #3 LAU seeds will be determined by the MARFU Men's 15s Club Committee.

Each LAU gets their #1 seed in the Top Four seeds of the D3 Playoffs.

If the Division III Championship match of the previous year consists of two teams from the same Union, that Union will get the #1 and #2 seeds at the next year's playoffs.

There shall be no entry fee for the MARFU Championship.

All matches are full 80-minute matches.

The location of the Final Four event must be bid through the MARFU Event Bidding Process and approved by the MARFU Board of Directors. MARR will assign the referees for the Final Four event; the Quarterfinal round of matches are local referee assignments.

As a result of problems in 2002, the Div III teams and their LAU will certify via Email to the MARFU Competitions Committee that if their club wins the Div III Championship then they have the commitment and are prepared to travel to the USA Div III National Championship series.

CIPP Compliance and Roster/Substitution Management

All clubs are expected to register all their players in the USA Rugby CIPP program. All clubs are expected to abide by the Laws of the Game with respect to starting and reserve rosters. These rules apply to league and playoff matches. These rules are written with the intent that the teams will be self-monitoring. In addition to MARFU rules, MARFU adheres to USA Rugby eligibility rules.

MARFU will not strictly monitor compliance except in obvious cases of non-compliance. MARFU reserves the right to monitor compliance without notification. The following rules to be used by the clubs to self-monitor each other's eligibility.

1. Each club must have 15 players on its USA Rugby CIPP roster by the Friday preceding any match. Failure to have at least 15 players on the roster will be taken as prima facie evidence of an inability to field a full, legitimate team on game day. Teams may apply for a waiver from the MARFU Competitions Committee, or failing their approval, from the MARFU Executive Committee. However, if a team can show that, while having less than 15 players on their CIPP roster, they are fielding a legitimate team on game day, then no penalties will be levied.

2. MARFU is cognizant that new players come to a team throughout the season. New players may not play until USA Rugby has processed their CIPP application and their name appears on the USA Rugby CIPP roster for their club. CIPP registration prior to spring season playoff matches also comes under timing requirements mandated by USA Rugby.

3. It is the responsibility of the club to ascertain that new players are eligible to play; that is, that the new player is not CIPPed with another club, that the new player has not played in the current competitive cycle with another club (and may not be CIPPed yet) in matches leading to a national championship, and that the new player is not serving a suspension from play that was handed down by another rugby administrative body (domestic or international). If the player has a current CIPP number, the club should check with the player's (former) club as to his eligibility; there may be a reason why the player has not been released by his club. Questions about eligibility should be resolved with MARFU administrators before allowing the new player to take the field. Clubs that play ineligible players are subject to various penalties, including forfeiture of games in which the ineligible player took part.

4. Prior to the kickoff, each team will exchange a game-day roster of participating players, including substitutes, with their opponent. This roster shall include the names and positions of starting and reserve players and CIPP numbers. This list may be checked against the USA Rugby CIPP roster on the spot or at a later time. The challenged team should be prepared to produce a game-day roster, and kickoff may not be delayed more than 30 minutes past the scheduled time. [Teams should perform the roster check/challenge as early as possible so as not to interfere with their pre-game preparations. Likewise, a team cannot show up right before kickoff and be excused from a roster check/challenge on the grounds that they need time to prepare for the game, nor can the challenging team take an inordinately long time to complete this process.]

5. Prior to the kickoff, each team may challenge their opponent's game-day roster, including substitutes, by asking to check any or all players' identification. Such identification must include a clear and recent photograph (less than 10 years old but taken when the player was at least 18 years of age; players younger than 20 may produce photo identification that is no more than 2 years old; players under 18 should note the USA Rugby eligibility regulation at the link above). Such identification may be a driver's license, passport, visa, military identification, or any other such original picture identification. Photocopied identification that does not clearly identify the player to the satisfaction of the challenging team may be rejected as insufficient. The challenged players should be prepared to produce such identification, and kickoff may not be delayed more than 30 minutes past the scheduled time. Any player that cannot produce satisfactory identification when challenged, and who subsequently plays in the game, does so at the risk of being declared ineligible if a protest is filed by the opponent. [Teams should perform the roster check/challenge as early as possible so as not to interfere with their pre-game preparations. Likewise, a team cannot show up right before kickoff and be excused from a roster check/challenge on the grounds that they need time to prepare for the game, nor can the challenging team take an inordinately long time to complete this process.]

6. A team may ask the name of a replacement player at the time of replacement during the match, and check this name against the game day roster. The referee should check with the opposing team before allowing this player to enter the match, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the teams to verify the identity of the substitution player entering the game and keep track of substitutions. The referee, having checked with the opposing team, should then keep track of substituted players by name and position in case there is a question later. If there are questions about the player's eligibility to participate in the game, the team should inform the opposing captain or team manager and the referee that a protest may be made at a later time. The protesting team should be prepared to present proof of this transgression to the MARFU Competitions Committee and/or the MARFU Disciplinary Committee and/or the MARFU Executive Committee. [The purpose here is to avoid having a neutral match official at each game who can verify player identities and whether that player has already played in the match. The teams can accomplish this on their own.]

7. The referee will not adjudicate any disputes before, during, or after the match, but may be called by MARFU as a witness to the events surrounding the protest. Other witnesses, whether or not part of either teams' roster of players, may be called as they are identified.

8. If a team fails to ask for a player roster or challenge a player's eligibility before the match, or during the match in the case of a replacement player, they shall be prohibited from protesting the game on grounds of ineligibility.

9. If a team intends to challenge the eligibility of an opposing player, they must obtain the game-day roster, including starters and substitutes, of both teams, and submit this to MARFU within three days after the match for review. Whether or not a challenge is forthcoming, an official of each team is obligated to sign the game-day roster as well as printing their name and giving a telephone number and an e-mail address (if not their own e-mail address, then that of another responsible club official); such official could be a club executive officer, or club captain, or club coach, or other club member claiming to represent the club. Teams should retain the game day roster until such time as they deem it unnecessary to retain. No eligibility challenges shall be permitted where game day rosters, having been collected, are subsequently destroyed.

10. If a team fields an ineligible player on game day, as determined by their own admission or by the finding of some MARFU administrative body, then the match will be treated as a forfeit (penalties for forfeits are further provided for by MARFU competition rules).

Check-in Guidelines for MARFU D2 and D3 Playoffs

Quarterfinals: At D2 and D3 quarterfinals, each team will have available a copy of their roster (with names, numbers/positions, CIPP numbers, and citizenship status) and picture identification for each player. Proof of citizenship will not be required, but a team may challenge any (or all) players within 24 hours after completion of the match. In the event a discrepancy is found that impacted the outcome of the match or failed to comply with the spirit of the USA Rugby guidelines for player eligibility, the offending side will be suspended from playoff competition for one (1) year and will be fined $500, payable to the MARFU Treasurer within 30 calendar days of the decision.

Final Fours: At MARFU D2 and D3 Final Four events, all teams will appear with identification and citizenship documents as required by USA Rugby at their championship events; MARFU will parallel USA check-in procedures in preparation for our teams going forward. A team may have a player without proof of legitimate citizenship, but that player will count against the club maximum of foreign (non-resident) players. Players may be exempted from the proof of citizenship requirement if their CIPP registration shows that their USA Citizenship has been verified (usually because they have attended a national championship event). Teams with less than the full number will not be barred from playing, but may only play with the legitimate number of players (resident plus non-resident) as currently defined by USA Rugby.

RSL Teams Playing in Lower MARFU Divisions

MARFU has specific additions to the USA Eligibility Guidelines (located at http://www.usarugby.org/information/default.asp?NavPageID=58330):

1. A copy of each week's match rosters mentioned in (g) (above) will also be sent to the MARFU Men's 15s Club Committee when they are sent to USA Rugby.

2. A copy of each RSL match roster of the preceding Spring RSL season must be sent to the MARFU Men's 15s Club Committee.

3. No more than 5 players who STARTED in a RSL match (for any team) in the previous Spring RSL Season may participate in any given match for the lower side in the Fall Season. A player that NEVER STARTED for a RSL club (but may have been on the roster as a sub) is not counted with the "five" and is just considered as one of the lower side players.

    [IMPORTANT NOTE: the above covers BOTH the players who stay with their current clubs AND those who "migrate" to other teams (like D2 sides) in the Fall AND players from out of territory who just happen to show up.]

4. Lack of compliance may result in disqualification of the team for the applicable playoffs and the removal of that team's results in the standings.